Optimize your charitable giving

A convenient online giving account with great benefits

One tax-receipt for all your charitable giving
Real privacy control - less annoying solicitations
Forever storage of your tax-receipts so they're never lost
More charitable impact with tax-free growth* of your account balance

Altruly is a Canadian Donor Advised Fund with the needs of modern donors in mind.

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What is a Donor Advised Fund?

Think of it as a savings account for your charitable giving. Transfer funds into the account and get an immediate tax-receipt. While you're deciding which charity should get a donation, we invest the proceeds to increase your charitable impact.

Reasons why an Altruly Giving Account > Traditional Giving

There are many, but people rave about these.


Just one receipt for all your giving. A tidy year-end summary of your giving activity is downloadable for easy filing at tax-time.


Increase your charitable impact by investing your contributions in a diversified portfolio.


Donor privacy is built in. Your information is protected, so you'll get less solicitations from charities looking for your money.


Tools that keep you on track with zero effort. Set a giving goal and we'll help you make sure you don't over-spend or under-spend.

How it works

Giving to charity through a Donor Advised Fund is a little different, but the end-result is the same. Those differences are what make it better for you.

Step 1: Add funds, let it grow

Open an account for free. Add funds to your giving account by credit card or cheque - this is your donation and you get an immediate tax-receipt (even before you decide which charity gets the money!). We conservatively invest your donation while you make your decision, making your impact greater.

Step 2: Disburse privately to any Canadian Charity

Direct any available account balance to any of the 85,000+ registered charities in Canada. No payment information is required. There's no tax receipt when you disburse, only when you add funds to your account. We keep your donor information private from the charities you disburse to.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

We keep track of all your donations and disbursals, so you'll always know what you've spent at any given time without any cumbersome spreadsheets or combing through your bank statements. At tax time, download your giving summary and tax-receipts all from one place. They're backed up and stored digitally for easy access at any time.

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