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For Parties

Step 1.

Choose a free e-card invitation and any registered charity in Canada

Step 2.

Build a guestlist and complete the venue details.

Step 3.

Party! We simplify RSVPs and respectfully suggest donations in lieu of gifts. Have fun!

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For Sports Events

Step 1.

Choose an event or add one to our calendar, and pick a charitable cause.

Step 2.

Fill in your details. Share the story of your cause and why you're fundraising.

Step 3.

Compete! We handle donations and tax receipts. Good luck!

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Upcoming Sports Events

Select an event from our list or add your own and fundraise in the days leading up to the competition.

Date Event Name Location
2018-09-08 MEC Burlington Race Series 2018 Hamilton, ON
2018-09-09 MEC Ottawa Trail Race Series 2018 Calabogie, ON
2018-09-22 MEC Barrie Race Series Orillia, ON
2018-09-30 MEC Ottawa Trail Race Series 2018 Lac-Sainte-Marie, QC
2018-09-30 MEC Toronto Trail Race Series 2018 Toronto, ON
2018-10-13 MEC Burlington Race Series 2018 Hamilton, ON
2018-10-27 MEC Barrie Race Series Oro-Medonte, ON
2018-10-28 MEC Ottawa Road Race Series 2018 Gatineau, QC
2018-11-03 MEC Burlington Race Series 2018 Milton, ON

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