What is a Qualified Donee?

Altruly helps people add a fundraiser to any kind of event. The fundraisers can benefit any Qualified Donee in Canada. Qualified Donees are defined as the following:

  • a registered charity (including a registered national arts service organization)
  • a registered Canadian amateur athletic association
  • a registered housing corporation resident in Canada constituted exclusively to provide low-cost housing for the aged
  • a registered Canadian municipality
  • a registered municipal or public body performing a function of government in Canada
  • a registered university outside Canada that is prescribed to be a university, the student body of which ordinarily includes students from Canada
  • a registered charitable organization outside Canada to which Her Majesty in right of Canada has made a gift
  • Her Majesty in right of Canada, a province, or a territory the United Nations and its agencies

Her Majesty in right of Canada, a province, or a territory, and the United Nations and its agencies are qualified donees that do not have to be registered to be recognized as such.

Altruly frequently updates its database to list all available Qualified Donees in Canada, but if you know of one that should be in our database, but isn't yet, please let us know and we will work on adding it.

We currently cannot support fundraisers for US charities (IRS Code 501(c)(3)), but hope to do so in the future.