About The Altruly Foundation

The website https://altruly.com is owned and operated by The Altruly Foundation ("The Foundation"), a Registered Charity (#755780095RR0001), as recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency, with all website technology licensed from Altruly, Inc. ("Altruly"), to facilitate charitable giving to any qualified donee in Canada. Both of these organizations are governed by completely distinct boards of directors and operate as entirely separate entities. The Foundation is designated a Public Foundation in Canada. Public Foundations typically disburse the bulk of its revenue/donations to other qualified donees in Canada. Public Foundations are also governed by diverse boards of directors who deal at arms-length, generally receives its funding from a variety of arm's length donors and its income cannot be used for the personal benefit of any of its members, shareholders, or governing officials.

The Foundation retains direction and control over all of its resources and utilizes technology developed and maintained by Altruly in order to achieve its charitable purposes. All donated funds (less any transactional expenses, such as credit card processing fees) go directly to The Foundation. Once a fundraiser has been completed, the Foundation will periodically disburse any available funds to the organization selected by the fundraiser organizer.

The Foundation collects and disburses donations to qualified donees that have not enabled automatic payments on this website. Because of it's charitable status, The Foundation can issue tax receipts for your donation. Here are some other benefits of donating to Canadian charities via The Foundation:

  • Your donor information is kept private from any other charities. This ensures that your data is safe from sale/leasing and your donation dollars will not be used to contact you needlessly by mail, phone, email or in person.
  • The Altruly Foundation collects and disburses your donations through this website for free. Yes, you read that right. The Altruly Foundation doesn't charge donors or charities any transactional fees to pass your donations to your selected charity.

The names of these organizations are similar for a reason. The Foundation was started by some of the founders of Altruly because they care deeply about charitable giving in Canada and want to improve it the best way they know how: by creating efficent and user-friendly giving-technology.

The Foundation also operates an online Donor Advised Fund at https://altruly.ngo, which is a great way for Canadians to manage their annual and legacy giving plans, regardless of the amount you'd like to contribute to Canadian Charities.

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This website currently cannot support fundraisers for US charities (IRS Code 501(c)(3)).