Register your Charity or Nonprofit Organization

Altruly is open to any registered Charity, Exempt Organization, Non-Government Organization (NGO) or Nonprofit based in Canada and the United States. Upon completion of this registration, an Altruly representative will verify that your organization qualifies and will activate your account (typically within 24 hours). We may need to verify your ability to issue donation receipts for income tax purposes to ensure contributors to your cause are issued the correct documents.

Partners don't have to qualify as Registered Charities under US Tax Code 501(c)(3) or Canada's Income Tax Act to be able to fundraise on Altruly. You can fundraise on Altruly without the legal ability to issue official donation receipts for income tax purposes, but you must have an active Nonprofit Business Registration Number.


Altruly currently is only able to support fundraising in United States and Canada.

Include details like your mission, vision, the population and/or geographic location you serve. This will help event hosts better understand your organization's cause and goals. This description will be included in your Altruly profile and can be updated as required.

Choose a URL which represents your company as accurately as possible. This might be an abbreviation or a shortform of your company name. Can only include letters, dashes and underscores (no spaces).

Choose tags that describe your organization (separated by commas).