How it works

For Parties

Step 1.

Choose a free e-card invitation and any registered charity in Canada

Step 2.

Build a guestlist and complete the venue details.

Step 3.

Party! We simplify RSVPs and respectfully suggest donations in lieu of gifts. Have fun!

Design a Party Invitation

For Sports Events

Step 1.

Choose an event or add one to our calendar, and pick a charitable cause.

Step 2.

Fill in your details. Share the story of your cause and why you're fundraising.

Step 3.

Compete! We handle donations and tax receipts. Good luck!

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Altruly Events are great for everyone (not just you).

It's the simplest way to plan an event

If you're planning on hosting an event sometime soon, any kind of event, Altruly is for you. We can help you invite friends, handle RSVP's and send thank-you notes without ever having to fiddle with those expensive paper invitations and annoying miniature envelopes. Everything can be done directly from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Party + Purpose

While you're planning this event, why not add a socially conscious spin? Altruly makes it super easy. By using Altruly you can turn any event into one that benefits a charity or worthy cause with absolutely zero effort.

Solve gift giving problems for everyone

Are you tired of getting unwanted or unnecessary gifts at events like birthdays, anniversaries, house warmings and so on? Altruly helps you replace those gifts with a fundraiser for a worthy cause.

Altruly can help you plan events where gifts don't normally change hands too. Why not turn a sports tournament, company event, club meeting or college event into a fundraiser? It's simple when you use Altruly.

Have a passion for a special cause that not many people know about?

If you have a charity or nonprofit cause in mind, but can't find it in our list? Let us know and we'll work on adding it. Or, if you represent a Canadian charity or nonprofit, claim your profile and get your donation dollars faster. Contact us to start the process.

Flexibilty is our specialty.

Choose your own cause

Say the run you're participating is associated with one of those bloated charitable organizations that seem to spend more money on billboards than helping a cause. Maybe you'd rather fundraise for different one. Who are we to argue with you? Choose a cause that you like better.

Add your own event to our calendar

Your sporting event doesn't have to be sponsored by a swishy shoe company or an automobile manufacturer. Small events matter too. Just add yours to our database and help participants add a fundraiser without any hassle.

Just a few reasons why Altruly events are the best

Free E-Card Invitations

Never spend money on paper invitations and postage ever again. With an e-card, your guests never have to wait by their mailbox for your party details. Altruly invitations go directly into their hands on mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Eliminate Unwanted Gifts

Altruly helps you respectfully communicate a no-gift policy at your event. Choose to host a fundraiser instead.

Create awareness for a worthy cause

With Altruly its never been easier to host an event that benefits a worthy cause. Share your passions with your friends, family and co-workers.

No-Fuss Fundraising

No need to collect cash or fill out paper forms. Everything is fast and secure online.

Make the world a better place one party at a time

Who'd have known you could help make the world a better place just by getting together with your friends and family?

RSVP from Mobile

Envelopes? Postage? Licking envelope and stamp glue (gross)? Finding a mailbox? Forget it. You can do it all on your phone.

Some of our best features...

Altruly Address Book

We keep all of your guest email addresses stored neat and tidy so that you can create invitations without having to check other accounts or devices.

We're totally ad-free

Who wants to see an advertisement for razors or shampoo in your invitations? We're trying to keep this joint a little more classy, eh?

Safe and Secure

We lock down Altruly with the best technology to keep your communication, transactions and data secret.


What does it cost?

For event planners, Altruly costs absolutely nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Our e-cards, RSVPs and secure fundraising services are totally free. For charities and nonprofits, we earn a small fee for funds raised.

Do donors to my fundraiser get tax-receipts for donations?

If eligible, we issue electronic tax receipts by email for all donations on behalf of the Charity or Nonprofit. If the donor has an existing Altruly account, tax receipts are downloadable at any time.

My tax receipt says that I donated to The Altruly Foundation. Why?

We have partnered with The Altruly Foundation, a Registered Charity (#755780095RR0001) to collect and disburse donations to qualified donees that have not enabled automatic payments on this website. Because of it's charitable status, The Altruly Foundation can issue tax receipts for your donation. Here are some other benefits of our partnership:

  • Your donor information is kept private from any other charities. This ensures that your data is safe from sale/leasing and your donation dollars will not be used to contact you needlessly by mail, phone, email or in person.
  • The Altruly Foundation collects and disburses your donations for free. Yes, you read that right. The Altruly Foundation doesn't charge donors or charities any transactional fees to pass your donations to your selected charity.
  • The Altruly Foundation operates a Donor-Advised Fund, which improves the efficiency of giving in Canada. The Altruly Foundation employs a low cost structure and technology to aid discovery and the reach of charitable organizations in Canada.

For more information about The Altruly Foundation, please visit this link.

I'm involved in a nonprofit or charity. How do I claim my organization profile on Altruly?

To claim as a charity or nonprofit partner, create an account with us. If you are not involved with charity or nonprofit, but would like us to know about one that you are passionate about, let us know about it.

Are donations secure?

Security is our top priority at Altruly. We use industry standard SSL connections on our website to protect from wandering eyes on our website, and we don't store any private payment information in our database. We leave the payment processing to the experts over at Stripe.